GPS Tracking System for Business

Easiest GPS tracking platform to use. Ever.

In fleet management business, user experience matters, too. Our GPS tracking software is a fine crafted tool for everyday use. We have stripped the user interface from all those functions no one uses anyway. And we enhanced everything else to fit the main purpose: car and other business vehicle tracking. Light, clever, fast and reliable.

How would a perfect fleet tracking platform look like? We asked our clients. And we took their answers seriously.

What do the users really want

We asked what the users really want from a fleet tracking system.
We got answers. And we deliver.

Our system is easy as 1, 2, 3

...and many more


Our GPS tracking system works around the globe. We track thousands of units in Europe, Asia or Africa at this very moment.


After more than 10 years in the GPS tracking business, we perfected all parts of the process. The result is the new generation ZASCO GPS tracking platform


Fleet management is done by machines, but controlled by humans. We used all your customer's experience to build a product that has everything they need. And we got rid of all the nerdy stuff.


Built in 2016, our tracking platform works on the latest technology. And under our constant maintenance, it will last and serve your customer for many years to come

Easy migration

Need to migrate your present customers to our new platform? No problem, we can do it in no time. Seamlessly.

Unique white label business opportunity

ZASCO GPS tracking platform can be tailored to suit your preferred business model. It can have many different faces running on its sturdy core. Best way to start your own GPS tracking business.

Blue monitor

Black monitor

Pink monitor

White label solutions / Redesign or branding / Different language ready / Corporate identity

GPS tracking system

ZASCO GPS is a cloud-based software platform for GPS vehicle tracking and smart fleet management. It is suitable for covering both commercial and personal tracking markets.

Electronic log book
  • New and innovative (2016)
  • Built on 10 years of expertise in the GPS tracking business
  • User friendly & user tested
  • Based on preferences of various customer groups

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Become our business partner!

How to start your business in GPS tracking industry? With ZASCO GPS, you can choose among various modes of business cooperation. From distributing our product to white label solution or franchising, anything is possible within our fleet tracking platform.

  • Franchising
  • Run a GPS tracking platform. All inclusive.
  • We provide you with a reliable brand and tested template
  • Tracking platform, tracking units and technical support
  • Effective marketing materials, CRM and warehouse SW
  • SEO optimized, modern Website
  • We make sure that the system is up and running
  • Pricing policy: Entry fee + connection fee for every tracking unit
  • White label
  • Already in the business? Step on our patform. It's fast and easy
  • We provide our cloud based GPS tracking platform incl. API for connecting all your running units
  • 24/7 support
  • White label - the front end will be redesigned and rebranded to match your corporate identity. Our templating is flexible unlike any other
  • Pricing policy: Entry fee + connection fee for every tracking unit
  • Distributing
  • Wholesale solution for the easiest start in vehicle monitoring business
  • Become a distributor for our international brand ZASCO GPS
  • Get wholesale prices for GPS tracking units
  • 24/7 support
  • Pricing policy: monthly fee for every tracking unit

Easy way to make GPS Tracking Business