In today’s time where a huge number of devices are involved in every process, monitoring each and every one might become a bit cumbersome. Sensors are installed on these devices such as AC, engine, generators, etc to monitor their usage and improve upon their efficiency. Data received from these sensors is then translated into a user friendly format.


Some of many Applications include:

  1. Car Rental Services: Cab owners can keep an eye on the usage of AC and even get alerts for unauthorized usage.
  2. Utilities: Owners can watch the onsite generators’ fuel consumption and collate it with the output of generator.
  3. Heavy Equipment: Number of total working hours for machines such as tractors and generator, JCB can be determined.
  4. Cement Solutions: Total rotations made by cement mixers in a given period can be checked out.


  • View the device status (eg AC is ON or OFF)
  • Comparison feature wherein the output of special machines such as JCB, excavators can be contrasted.
  • History tracking of the status of a device
  • Reports depicting things like status, usage of the device
  • Alerts that aid you to stop illicit usage
  • Switch off vehicle engine (for specific tracker models only)
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Improved financial payback