If you want to check out the current location of your vehicle including the progress in route details or if you want to keep track of all the locations that your vehicle has traversed in a certain period of time or if you want to check the deviations that your vehicle took from the specified route or you want to receive alerts whenever your vehicle travels through any of the restricted routes or you want a single dashboard to check all the parameters relevant to your vehicle journey, then you have come to the right place. ZASCO GPS’s Route Module is the one stop solution to address all the above said issues and much more…


  • Mobile App available
  • Add/Delete Routes
  • Add Restricted routes
  • Alerts through Email/SMS and Pop-up’s.
  • Route Progress details like source, destination, departure time, speed, distance covered till present time, ETOA etc.
  • Geo-fences like Loading Site, Client Site etc can be created
  • Detailed report of the vehicles that indulged into restricted route driving
  • Comprehensive reports on ‘Route Deviation’
  • Route traversed by a vehicle in a certain time period is displayed in sort of video like format
  • Dashboard to check scheduled departures, arrival time, delay time, idle time, percentage of distance travelled, and more.


  • Safety of Assets: Your vehicle will be safe with ZASCO GPS security. So, now you can enjoy a sound sleep.
  • Avoid Losses: Our effective Alert mechanism reports the issue to the user in good time avoiding losses.
  • Fewer Headaches: Managing vehicle is going to be simple like never before.
  • Increased output: Proper management of the vehicle would ensure better output in terms of money.
  • Better Vehicle Life: Better would be the hold on your vehicle more would be its life.
  • User- friendly Display: Single Dashboard conveying everything you need to know about your vehicle.
  • Varied Reports: Types of comprehensive reports aiding user to know in and out of routes traversed by each vehicle.