The world that we live in now would have been impossible had it not been for several media in transportation industry. Thus, whoever you are and where ever you are, transportation is bound to touch your lives. Now, you might be linked to transportation in Mining Industry or Food Supply Chain or Heavy Machinery or any other industry, we will find a way to help you! Actually, this is where we, Axestrack, comes into picture.

Axestrack solutions equips businesses of all types to keep in sight their transportation vehicles no matter where they are on the map as well as trail inefficiencies, such as deviations and delays etc involved while transporting. Our delicately designed solution grows with your business and remits what you need most. Let us see how:

GPS Tracking by Industry



In this industry, number of vehicles are employed that transfer crude materials from ‘Loading Point’ to ‘Unloading Point’ via ‘Weighment Point’. Maintaining visibility of these vehicles over their daily use is pertinent to notably increase the fleet utilization and business barometer. AxesTrack enables the user to easily locate the vehicle, problem areas related to vehicles and helps you in taking corrective actions.


  • Display Defaults: Our solution assists you to locate all the default vehicles who bypasses the weighment or did not reach the Unloading point.
  • Loads taken: You can keep an eye on the number of loads taken by each vehicle.


Axestrack Passenger Bus solution goes way beyond tracking to reflect deviations, delays and more to the user. Customarily, each bus follows a route starting from ‘Origin’ through several ‘Way Points’ to ‘Destination’. With our solution, passenger bus industry can not only examine safety behaviour exhibited by every single bus driver but its powerful data analytics provides you with relevant data to determine performance metrics as well.


  • Statistics: We offer statistical data like Delay timings to aid user to work on KPIs.
  • Deviations: Deviations from the assigned route are also conveyed.
  • Way Points Skipped: Which bus skipped which and how many way points, we note down everything!
  • Up trips and Down trips: An account of trips to and fro between Origin and Destination and number of total trips is kept.


“Where are my cabs?”, “Are they running on schedule”, “What percentage of journey has been completed for each one?”, “Does the cab AC remains ON even when the tourist is not in the cab?” – Cab service manager would be in a good position to answer all these questions and many more with our solution. Our innovative solutions help them optimize productivity and minimize operating costs.

FeaturesTourist Cab Service

  • Unauthorized AC Usage: Along with the detailed report, user gets an alert for whenever driver is going for the unapproved use of AC.
  • Kilometres travelled: Our solution sets forth highly accurate data about the distance travelled by each cab in the fleet.


A truck comes and picks up your trash –  it is just not simple as it seems. You’d probably be surprised to know that a lot goes in ensuring that a truck ends up in front of your house. Assigning areas to trucks within the fleet to monitoring each one of them, managing company has to see it all. This is the reason why more and more Waste Management Companies these days are relying on GPS tracking system to make sure everything runs smoothly. Now, this is where Axestrack comes into play. Besides providing real time and historical information of the vehicles, our solution also helps in minimizing the travel times between the collection centres leading to reduces fuel costs and on-road time.

Features:Waste Management

  • Detail of Bins: Our comprehensive report displays the number of bins ‘collected’ and the number ‘uncollected’ by each vehicle in a specific time period.
  • Status: Consolidated view meant for senior management portrays the performance of each vehicle in the fleet.


When it comes to Supply and Distribution Chain, being on time is the key. After delivery vehicles are on the road, keeping tab on these vehicles is essential for your performance so that time is not left behind. To retain your customers you need to know where the vehicles are and what time can delivery be expected. Axestrack tracking programs are tailored to ensure that all the essential information is at your fingertips. With our scalable solution, improve your efficiency and productivity.


  • Optimized Route Allocation: Better route turns out into optimum utilisation of resources, reduced operating costs and improved customer satisfaction. Enjoy all these benefits with us.
  • Distribution Points: Manger can overlook that supposedly which vehicle should cover which all distribution points.
  • Pickups Missed: Retailer is still awaiting the delivery of goods! Ops..driver might have missed him. Just don’t think, go and check out this report to know what happened exactly.
  • Delays: Will let you know delays for all the vehicles with delay timings.
  • ETA: Knowing the expected arrival time of vehicle at certain point helps you manage your customer more effectively. We help you to serve better.


Our finely crafted solutions are ideally suited for the demanding requirements of Heavy Machinery Industry. We back you up with every bit of essential data with quick- find ability, numerous reports and alerts to follow your equipment anywhere in the range of internet.

For Heavy machinery like JCBs, Excavators, Generators, etc; it is not the distance travelled that matters but it is the amount of time engine was running that makes more sense. Hence, we design our solution accordingly that delivers on demand too.

FeaturesHeavy Machinery

  • Engine Hour Report: For how much time the status of the engine was ‘On’ in an hour can be readily determined.
  • Fuel consumption per engine hour: This report highlights the proportion of fuel burnt over increasing number of engine hours.